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Pandemic Alcohol Use Linked to Nervous System Disruption in Pregnant and Postpartum Women


“Increased alcohol use among pregnant and postpartum women during the COVID-19 pandemic was associated with autonomic nervous system dysregulation, known to negatively affect resilience to change and further exacerbate the risk of stress-related mental health disorders and substance use.”

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Draconian Laws Deter Pregnant Women from Treating Drug Abuse

This article in Scientific American states, “In some states, punitive drug laws require physicians to report a pregnant person with a substance use disorder, leading to the removal of their child after birth.”

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FASD United's Jenn Wisdahl on Podcast on FASD Legislative Update, with Rebecca Tillou on Run FASD

 “In this two part episode of FASD Hope, Jennifer Wisdahl, COO of FASD United, first shares an important FASD Legislative Update and upcoming happenings of FASD United.

Part 2 of this episode is a kick off for the Run FASD 2023 registration and information discussion with Rebecca Tillou of Run FASD. The Run FASD Virtual 5K (your way!) will be held

from September 9-17, 2023.”


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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Facial Modeling Study Explores Technology to Aid Diagnosis

 This study “sought to explore whether it was possible to use normal 2D face images to approximate 3D surfaces of the face. We showed that it was. Our method involved using 3D models that can change their shape based on a variety of real human faces, combined with 3D facial analysis technology.”

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Towards a Distinct Sleep and Behavioural Profile of FASD: A Comparison between FASD, Autism and Typically Developing Children


This study aimed to provide a comparison of behavioural, cognitive, affect-related and sleep profiles in children aged between 6 and 15 years with diagnoses of FASD or ASD, in contrast to typically developing (TD) children.”
- Journal of Integrative Neuroscience


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Doctors Call for Changes to Laws That Criminalize Drug Use During Pregnancy


“Overdoses are a leading cause of preventable death among pregnant and postpartum women, yet fears of child abuse laws stop them from seeking help. That's why a growing number of experts — including maternal/fetal specialists, federal health officials and people who treat addiction — are calling for changes to the laws.”

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