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Adults Needed For FASD Mobile Health App Feasibility Trial


Are you 18 years or older and been diagnosed with FASD or known prenatal alcohol exposure? You may qualify for this study. University of Rochester's researchers are partnering with the Adult Leadership Collaborative of the FASD Changemakers to develop a new app for adults with FASD.

This app provides resources, tools, and information to improve physical health and quality of life for adults with FASD or known prenatal alcohol exposure. Participate in a feasibility study to try the app to give feedback on how well it works and receive monetary compensation.

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AAP Video: Important Factors Teenagers Should Consider Before Drinking


 “AAP has a partnership with YouTube to develop a series of videos focused on adolescent mental health. The campaign, #MentalHealthMattersAAP, aims to empower and educate teens about mental health, well-being, and overall health by providing them with straightforward, medically accurate video content. The most recent video is focused on alcohol use prevention.”

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Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Linked to Gender-Specific Adversities


“A new study identified sex-specific differences in neurodevelopment and health-related disorders in children who were exposed to alcohol while in the womb. Prenatal alcohol exposure increased female children’s risk of developing depression and anxiety, while in males, prenatal alcohol exposure increased the risk of ADHD, conduct disorders, and oppositional defiance disorder.”

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Podcast on Primary Characteristics of FASD—Difficulty Generalizing Information (2)


“This episode of The Adoption & Foster Care Journey features host Sandra Flach sharing how prenatal alcohol exposure affects the individual’s ability to generalize information, how it might present in our kids, and offers some helpful strategies for accommodations.”

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AAP FASD Educational Webinar Series Are Back

 “The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is pleased to offer a series of educational trainings on FASDs, every Friday, at 11am CT, beginning March 24th through April 21st for free 60-minute webinar sessions.”

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Can Certain Nutrients Protect Against the Effects of Fetal Alcohol Exposure?



“New research indicates that… feeding pregnant mothers certain nutrients prior to conception and throughout pregnancy can reduce the incidence and severity of the alcohol-induced defects.”

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