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Final Episode of FASD Hope Podcast


Our hearts are heavy that Episode 163 is the final episode of FASD Hope from Natalie Vecchione, who says, “Thank you for listening to our small but mighty family podcast about FASD. We're certainly not experts and we're still on this journey, too.  It’s now time for us to focus even more on our family, navigate what lies ahead, and face uncertainty with faith and fortitude.”

FASD Hope has been an amazing resource for families and professionals navigating FASD, reaching far beyond North Carolina.  We at Proof Alliance NC want to thank Natalie and John for their amazing contribution to the FASD community and wish them well as they continue to navigate this ever changing path.

Tune-in to the final episode, here.






Assessing Maternal Alcohol Consumption in Pregnancy: Does Phosphatidylethanol Have Any Value?

“Phosphatidylethanol (PEth), a metabolite of alcohol, is incorporated into red cell membranes… PEth measured from DBS obtained on day 5 of life does not reliably identify modest PAE after 36 weeks’ gestation from maternal self-report.”
- Archives of Disease in Childhood

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New Tools Help Family Physicians Screen for Alcohol Use


 “A four-year project to help family physicians increase alcohol screening and brief interventions as routine patient care has produced several tools that members can use in practice right away.”

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Improving the Effectiveness of Pregnancy Warning Labels Displayed on Alcohol Containers


 “France is one of the few countries with mandated labeling that must include a pregnancy warning. However, the current pregnancy warning labels (PWLs) is often barely visible. This study investigated the potential influence of the PWL design on women's attention and alcohol product choice.”
- Science Direct







Check out this PSA from The Every Moment Matters Campaign Highlights the Risks of Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy


 “The Every Moment Matters campaign in Australia aims to raise awareness of the risks of drinking alcohol while pregnant and highlights that from the moment you start trying to conceive, every moment matters when it comes to drinking alcohol.”

View the PSA, HERE!








Get To Know ProofCON PRO! October 27th, Noon-4 pm



ProofCON Pro is the new virtual conference series for professionals hosted by Proof Alliance. For just $30, professionals can access eight hours of content from leading experts on topics like mental health, neurodiversity and FASD. Content is available to watch live and on-demand for 90 days. CEUs are available. 

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