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Podcast on Preventing FASDs from National Association of Social Workers


This episode of Social Work Talks features “Dr. Mary Velasquez and Anna Magnum talking about National Partnerships to Address Prenatal Alcohol and other Substance Use and FASDs, the Centers for Disease Control grant that began October 2023 in partnership with the University of Texas at Austin.”

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Birth Defects Associated with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure—A Review

“The objective of this review was to summarize data on the association of major congenital abnormalities and prenatal alcohol exposure. We included all major birth defects according to ICD-10 classification. We found that the strongest evidence to date lies in the research examining herniation (gastroschisis and omphalocele), oral clefts (cleft lip with or without palate and cleft palate) and cardiac defects”
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May is Mental Health Awareness Month


“Join SAMHSA to recognize Mental Health Awareness Month. Each May, SAMHSA aims to increase awareness about the vital role mental health plays in our overall health and well-being. Access the Mental Health Awareness Month Toolkit.”

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FASD Hope Podcast Returns with Conversation with FASD United's Jennifer Wisdahl

 “It's been over 6 months since Natalie Vecchione has released an episode, which was thought to be the last episode. After much prayer and contemplation, Natalie realized that FASD Hope was needed in the FASD Community, even if the frequency of episodes would be reduced.  In this episode, Natalie has a heart to heart conversation with Jennifer Wisdahl, COO of FASD United. Natalie shares her heart and her journey of the past 6 months and what pulled her back to FASD Hope.  Jennifer shares a FASD Legislative Update, the MANY new programs and updates with FASD United and upcoming happenings of FASD United.”

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Research Shows Exposure to Alcohol Through Breastmilk Affects Brain and Behavioral Development

 “Exposure to alcohol through a mother’s breastmilk can have serious and lasting implications for brain and behavioral development in children. Researchers found alcohol exposure via breastmilk resulted in smaller body and brain growth and decreased cortical length in mouse models.”

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Black Pregnant Women Are Tested More Frequently for Drug Use, Study Suggests


“Hospitals are more likely to give drug tests to Black women delivering babies than white women, regardless of the mother’s history of substance use, suggests a new study of a health system in Pennsylvania.  And such excessive testing was unwarranted, the study found: Black women were less likely than white women to test positive for drugs.”

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