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Partners Play Pivotal Role in Pregnant Women’s Alcohol Use, Which Affects Their Babies’ Development

“A new study by a team of researchers in the Collaborative Initiative on FASD (CIFASD) finds that partners of mothers-to-be can directly influence a pregnant woman’s likelihood of drinking alcohol.  The study highlights the importance of engaging partners in intervention and prevention efforts to help pregnant women avoid drinking alcohol.”

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Despite High Rates of Alcohol Use Screening, Few Receive Treatment


“Adults with alcohol use disorder often used health care services and received alcohol use screening, but few were referred to or received treatment, according to recent data, a “significant implementation gap in [alcohol use disorder] treatment.”

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New CDC Data Available: State-level Estimates of Alcohol Use Among Women Aged 18 to 44


“Estimates of alcohol use among women aged 18 to 44 vary from state to state. Data come from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), a telephone survey that tracks national and state-specific self-reported health risk behaviors of adults, 18 years and older, in the United States.”

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Responsible for Vision Problems


 “Exposure to prenatal alcohol can result in ophthalmological abnormalities. In those diagnosed with FASDs, such ophthalmic abnormalities often result in visual perception problems (VPPs).”

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FASD CAMP Officially Confirmed for August 15th-20th, 2021 in Illinois (2)


Here at CAMP - A FASD Community, we are pleased to offer our annual, week-long, flagship program for children and adolescents ages 9 - 18 diagnosed with, or suspected to have FAS/FASD.

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The Frequency of Severe FASD in the Neonatal Period Needs to be Recognized

 "At birth, only complete Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) can be properly diagnosed. However, other Consequences of prenatal Alcohol Exposure can also be recorded. Our objective was to describe the frequency of diagnoses highly suggestive of potential FASD.”
- Drug and Alcohol Dependence

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