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Support Concerns Increase When Children with FASD Turn 18


 “Thousands of children live with FASD at any given time and, by legal standards, suddenly become adults on their 18th birthday. The social expectation is that these young adults will leave their parents’ homes. In reality, a cohort of young people have lost access to publicly funded support from pediatricians and schools.”

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Proof Alliance and Minnesota Liquor Stores Partner to Raise Awareness of FASD


“NOFAS Affiliate Proof Alliance is partnering with the Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association on National Drink Wine Day. About 50 participating liquor stores will begin distributing wine and other spirits in specialty brown paper bags with powerful graphic messages.”

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Podcast: FASD Legislation Update: A Conversation with Susan Shepard Carlso‪n


“FASD Hope was honored to have Former First Lady of Minnesota and NOFAS Board Member Susan Shepard Carlson as the guest.  Susan is a tireless champion of support and legislation for the FASD Community.  Susan discusses her years of experience in aiding the FASD community.”

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Group Home Residents with FASD Continue Fostering Ties Amid Pandemic (2)

 “The residents from the Aloha Communities Platteville House, a home in Wisconsin for four adults living with FASD, craft all week, then present their work and themselves to the public.  The exercise, intended to instill a sense of self-worth and offer a lesson in finance, also aims to foster a connection between the city’s recent arrivals and long-time residents.”
- Telegraph Herald

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Upcoming Virtual Trainings by NCFASD Informed - Register Today! (2)

NCFASD  Informed is partnering with Foster Family Alliance of NC to sponsor  two webinars this month. 

An Introduction to FASD will be held on Thursday, February 18th from 7-8 pm.

Brain Based Approach to Parenting is on Thursday, February 25th from 7-8 pm.


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Program to Launch Soon to Support Mothers Struggling With Substance Use (2)

 “People struggling with substance-use disorder already “exist in a world of stigma” and it can be heightened with pregnancy.

Whether internalized or felt by others, stigma can push expectant mothers to “go more underground” and increase their risks.”
- Calgary Herald

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