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Check out the FASD Training Website from CDC

 This online trainings course is from the CDC's Collaborative for Alcohol-Free Pregnancy.  

Click HERE, to access training website.



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North Carolina FASD Informed Adult FASD Virtual Support Group


North Carolina FASD Informed (NCFASD) Adult FASD support group
4th Monday of the month from 7 PM to 8 pm via Zoom meeting.   
Please contact delaney [DOT] kay [AT] ncfasdinformed [DOT] org to join


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Happy? Sad? Stressed? How Drinking Became the Answer to Everything


This New York Times articles states, “Alcohol has become so normalized there’s hardly a situation when a drink doesn’t feel appropriate, experts say.

Emily Lynn Paulson founded Sober Mom Squad, an online support network for mothers who have stopped or want to curb their drinking.”


Read article, HERE!




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Podcast on FASD Legislation Update

This episode of FASD Hope features “Susan Shepard Carlson, Former First Lady of Minnesota and Chair of the NOFAS Legislative and Policy Committee and Jenn Wisdahl, an FASD Parent Advocate and NOFAS Policy and Training Center Coordinator.

Together, Susan and Jenn provide an update on the National FASD Legislation, "The FASD Respect Act", H.R. 4151 and S.2238.”

To listen podcast, click HERE.


The following is for Information Purposes ONLY.

NOFAS commends the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee approval of S.1927, Child Abuse and Treatment (CAPTA) Reauthorization Act of 2021. The bill strengthens federal programs and activities that support child and family well-being and includes provisions to care for infants affected by substance use disorder, and new requirements to aid infants with disabilities.

Find out more at www.nofaspolicycenter.org 



Contact Jenn Wisdahl, NOFAS Policy Coordinator at wisdahl [AT] nofas [DOT] org






Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer During Pregnancy Comes With Some Risks

“Here’s the thing about non-alcoholic beer — some of them are not actually non-alcoholic, according to Dr. Lauren Demosthenes, MD, an OB/GYN and Senior Medical Director with Babyscripts. “To be able to say that a beer is non-alcoholic, the beer must have less than 0.5% alcohol,” says Dr. Demosthenes. “So even though it may be low, no alcohol is considered safe during pregnancy.”


Learn more, HERE!








Research Finds That Drinking Even Small Amounts of Alcohol While Pregnant Can Cause Harm

 Listen to this radio program featuring Briana Lees  Matilda of the Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use at the University of Sydney, Australia.  New research has found that even very small amounts of exposure can lead to a baby growing up to experiment with alcohol at a very young age.”

Click HERE, to listen!








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