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Consider this: Communications About Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Risks 'Must Be Targeted'

 This article states, “Risks pertaining to prenatal alcohol use are not clear-cut.   Not all episodes of PAE will lead to adverse consequences. There are complex genetic and epigenetic mechanisms at play, alongside variable individual and environmental risk factors that influence outcomes.”

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Podcast on Dream Acres FASD Community


This episode of the FASD Hope podcast features Kathryn "Kat" Meinhardt of Dream Acres: An FASD Community.  Dream Acres, an FASD United affiliate, is developing a brand new, supported living environment for individuals (ages 18-25) living with FASD. The small, family-style living will allow 2-3 residents to have private rooms and common areas in each cabin.


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FASD United's Kathy Mitchell Co-Authors CDC Report on Polysubstance Use in Pregnancy: Surveillance, Interventions, and Next Steps


“A new report published in the Journal of Women’s Health: Report from the CDC provides an overview of the activities of CDC and partners and identified gaps related to surveillance, routine screening, and prevention of polysubstance use during pregnancy.”  FASD United Sr. VP of Prevention and Recovery Services Kathy Mitchell co-authored the report.


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Survey Finds Gaps in Knowledge About Maternal Health

"Asked which statement is most accurate, 65% know that someone who wants to get pregnant should stop drinking alcohol before pregnancy and not drink during pregnancy – compared with 25% who say someone who wants to get pregnant should stop drinking as soon as they learn they are pregnant.”


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Pioneering FASD Researcher Dr. Ann Streissguth and her Incredible Legacy, A Tribute.


All of us at FASD United are deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Ann Streissguth, our dear friend, past member of our Scientific Advisory Board, and pioneering researcher of FASD. She led the way toward a greater understanding of the spectrum of FASD and the myriad ways it impacts people’s lives.   
In large part, she laid the foundation on which the FASD field continues to be built, a foundation through which her deep warmth and compassion for families living with FASD always shone through.


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Many Policies Targeting Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Don't Work: Study

 “Policies intended to discourage or criminalize drinking while pregnant have no effect on infant health, or in some cases can actually be harmful, a new JAMA Network Open study finds.”


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