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January Webinar Series from Formed Families Forward



Webinar Series from Formed Families Forward
“This annual winter webinar series features presenters and panelists focused on the identification and treatment of FASDs in children, youth and young adults. Webinars are on Tuesday evenings Jan 17, 24 and 31, from  7 – 8 PM.”  Webinars are: Addressing Challenges Faced by Students with an FASD Diagnosis, Interdisciplinary Diagnosis and Interventions for FASDs, and Preventing Secondary Characteristics of FASD: What Does the Research Say?


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Blog: "Prevention Conversation: A Shared Responsibility"


This blog and podcast features “The Prevention Conversation, an online training program for health and social service providers to increase their knowledge about alcohol and other substance use in pregnancy.”

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Early Alcohol Exposure Alters Embryonic Gene Expression


 “Alcohol exposure in early pregnancy can change gene function during the tightly regulated embryonic development, and consequently cause developmental disorders – especially neurodevelopmental disorders.”

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Couple Plans to Turn Historic Church Camp Into FASD Community

 “One local couple has a dream: to one day soon turn a historic Topeka, Kansas church camp into an independent living community for young adults with FASD.  “This property is amazing,” Kat Meinhardt said. “Meinhardt is president and CEO of the newly created non-profit Dream Acres.”

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Effectiveness of Digital Interventions for Preventing Alcohol Consumption in Pregnancy


“Overall, our review highlights the potential for digital interventions to prevent alcohol consumption among pregnant women and women planning to become pregnant.”
Journal of Medical Internet Research

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Information Only: The FASD Respect Act - An Update

What a journey this 117th legislative session has been.  The FASD Respect Act (HR4151/S2238) was on target to be passed as a stand-alone bill on December 22, 2022 in the Senate with language agreed upon by bi-partisan Senate HELP committee leadership and the next day in the House but was blocked at the last minute by one Senator.  To say that we are disappointed is an understatement. 
While this is an emotional blow, I can say with all sincerity, we left it all out on the field.  This bill, with your help, progressed further than any other FASD legislation has in the last 20 years.  Over 1300 advocates have had almost 500 meetings with lawmakers and their staff.  This was the largest FASD push for equity in our history as a community.

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