NCFASD Informed: A Remarkable Force for Awareness and Education


In North Carolina, you will find NCFASD Informed. It is a small, yet impactful affiliate dedicated to raising awareness and fostering understanding about FASD. At the helm of this exceptional endeavor is Kathy Hotelling, a psychologist and devoted mother of a young adult daughter with FASD. Kathy works with a dedicated team, board members, and volunteers who play a pivotal role.

 While their non-profit may be small, NC FASD Informed has been making waves in the field. In just the last six years, they've reached 2000+ individuals across North Carolina. Their passionate commitment to training and informing has undeniably left a lasting imprint on FASD education in North Carolina. Often, they collaborate closely with parents and schools, providing valuable assistance during IEP meetings. Kathy feels their efforts are undoubtedly creating a substantial impact on FASD awareness, yet the journey towards progress unfortunately unfolds at a slower pace than they she would like.

 One of their primary focuses is to guide families towards accurate diagnoses and provide advice regarding the services and supports that are accessible. Through their diligent efforts, they forge connections with parents via a Facebook Community page, offering a platform for shared experiences, and mutual support. Their reach extends to professionals, attorneys, medical experts, and educators.  They have also taken proactive steps in championing the FASD Respect Act!

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