Fort Bragg ASAP Gets Innovative for Alcohol Awareness Month


“The Fort Bragg Army Substance Abuse Program recognized the need to do something innovative to connect with the younger audience.  “When it came time to plan for Alcohol Awareness Month this year, we really wanted to try something new to grab the attention of our younger Soldiers,” explained Katrina Kilmartin-Baucom, ASAP prevention coordinator.”

(From left to right) Army Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator Katrina Kilmartin-Baucom, Fort Bragg/Pope AFB/Seymour Johnson AFB Exchange Assistant Loss Prevention Manager Armando Majia-Alonso, the Exchange’s official mascot “Buzz the Safety Bee” and ASAP Risk Reduction Program Coordinator Stephanie Williams-Glover, give a toast to Alcohol Awareness Month and remind everyone to be safe, March 16. As part of Alcohol Awareness Month, ASAP encourages everyone to choose a three-day alcohol-free weekend during the month of April. (U.S. Army photo by Jacqueline Hill, Fort Bragg Garrison Public Affairs)

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