Pregnant and Alcohol-Free During COVID-19

Let’s face it: challenges related to COVID-19 can be stressful. The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has changed all our lives so dramatically that fear and anxiety may be starting to show itself. In these unsettling times, it’s only natural to turn to things that make us feel better in order to cope with the chaos that is surrounding us. People react differently to stressful situations, and they don’t always look for healthy ways to cope. In fact, it’s not uncommon to want to have a glass of wine (or more) during a stressful situation. If you are pregnant, we want to remind you that there is no safe time, amount, or type of alcohol to consume during pregnancy.

Please consider the following tips for managing stress during this time.

  • • Try deep-breathing exercises, yoga, or stretching.

  • • Get regular exercise, whether that be through walking in uncrowded areas or participating in an online fitness class. There are MANY fitness corporations that are currently offering FREE at-home workouts.  Here is a short list of some options available to you right now. (FASDinNC has no affiliation with the entities offering exercise classes.  Please consult your doctor before engaging in a new activity.)
  • • Do your best to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet so you have the physical and emotional energy you need. Also, make sure you are taking prenatal vitamins or supplements as directed by your doctor.

  • • Drink plenty of water, limit your caffeine intake, and try a mocktail or non-alcoholic beverage.

  • • Go to bed early. Your body is working overtime to nourish your growing baby and needs all the sleep it can get.

  • • Join (or create!) an online support group. Talking with others in the same boat can ease your burden.

  • • Try journaling. Writing about how you feel can help you put things in perspective and give you a place to release those thoughts.

  • • Music! Listening to music can be very helpful in reducing stress.  Lighten the mood and dance it out by creating a playlist or finding other playlists based on your taste!  Many music apps like Spotify & Pandora offer music listening options that are free.

  • • Talk with your healthcare provider about your concerns if these tips are not helping.

Additional information about COVID-19 and pregnancy can be found by on The CDC’s site or you can live chat with a professional at MotherToBaby.