Fundraising Opportunity for NC FASD Informed, September 24th - October 3, 2021

NC FASD Informed is excited to announce the first "formal" fundraiser for NCFASD Informed:  Pampered Chef.  I

In addition to thinking about what you would love to have from PC, think ahead to the holidays and birthdays this fall.  PC will donate a percentage of the order total to the organization with all proceeds assisting in funding FASD training to groups such as Local Interagency Coordinating Councils, Guardian ad Litem volunteers, and other organizations that have no training funds.

Please let kathy [DOT] hotelling [AT] ncfasdinformed [DOT] org know if you'd like to be invited to the "Brunch and Entertaining" Facebook fundraiser party to learn recipes & cooking tips, see products, watch videos, and have fun.  

If you'd prefer to simply place an order, you can use this order link: The full catalog is available online:



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