Will home delivery of alcoholic drinks increase dangerous drinking trends? Will it really save the restaurants?

Recognizing that alcohol is a high profit product, many states have temporarily allowed drinks-to-go.  There were conditions, such as only one or two drinks in a sealed container along with a meal.  According to the Distilled Spirits Council, over 30 states allowed some type of “alcohol to-go”.

As the Pandemic has subsided, many are seeing the economic devastation wrought by public health shut-downs and want to help those businesses make up some of the losses by loosening alcohol regulation.  But the method they’re using will only work if the general public buys more alcohol…and, presumably, drinks it.  Such measures include making home delivery of alcohol permanent, extending open hours (until 4 am!) and other “rule relaxations.”

It is important to examine how these changes may impact current alcohol problems and whether they are enough to really help restaurants.

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